Nordic Design Competition for New Designers!

This competition entry has been closed.


Brief :

Hankyu Department Store, Inc. will organize the first Scandinavia Fair in May 2018 at its flagship store, focusing on the midsummer culture in Scandinavian countries. Through the fair, Hankyu Department Store, Inc. will organize Nordic Design Competition (NDC), with a supporting partner, And Graphic Design,Inc. to create active communications between Scandinavian and Japanese design fields.

NDC will give designers in Scandinavian countries (Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark) a unique opportunity. With their creative contributions, they can try their possibilities in Japanese market. The best graphic design from each country will be made into products (T-shirts and canvas tote bags) and will be on sale at the Scandinavia Fair.

※at Syukusai Plaza ,in France fair 2017

Theme :



Type of work :

Printable graphic design for T-shirts and canvas tote bags


Prizes :

For the best designers from each country;

  • 100,000 JPY(tax excluded)
  • Invitation to Scandinavia Fair 2018 at Hankyu Department Store (Osaka, Japan)
  • Flight tickets (home country – Osaka – home country) for 1 person
  • Hotel accommodation during the fair in Osaka for 1 person


Submission :

starts on Friday November 17th, 2017 (UTC +9)

ends on Monday January 15th, 2018 (UTC +9)


Eligibility :

An applicant should be a designer,

  • who has nationality of Finland, Norway, Denmark or Sweden, at the time of October 1st 2017.
  • who can come to Japan for the Scandinavia Fair, from Tuesday May 28th until Tuesday June 5th 2018.
  • who can join the fair actively such as participating live talk shows (in English), live paintings or conducting workshops.


Enrollment :

Please send CV and work data by email to (And Graphic Design,Inc.).


CV must contain;

  • full name
  • birthday (dd, mm, yyyy)
  • street address
  • email address
  • working/ studying history
  • URL of own webpage, if any
  • portrait/ ID photo
  • ideas for possible workshops at the Scandinavia Fair


Work data must be;

  • PDF or JPEG format
  • file size of 5MB
  • work size of 3800px×4000px
  • work size of 2500px×2700px
  • with a title and a short description about its concept
  • up to 2 works per applicant
  • with clear explanation as a separate attachment, if there’s other information than above


Annoucement of result:

NDC organizer will take contact to the prize winners, after the jury has made its decisions. The works of the prize winners will also be published on the organizer’s webpage. After the announcement, winners should submit the original full-resolution degital files by web services or postal services (CD-R/ USB). Possible file formats are .ai, .eps, .jpg, .psd or .indd (created with Adobe Illustrator、Photoshop、InDesign (Win/Mac-CC)).

The file must be arranged with CMYK colour mode. NDC will inform the result only to the prize winners and will not be able to reply further inquiries about the result.


Notice :

  • NDC will not return the works or CV after the competition.
  • The copyrights of the winning deigns will belong to And Graphic Design,Inc.. This includes Japanese copyright laws Article 27* (the right to adaption, modification, etc.) and Japanese copyright laws Article 28** (the original copyright holder's right for the use of secondhand copyrighted works). However, this does not concern moral rights of the designer.


* Japanese copyright laws Article 27
The author shall have the exclusive right to translate, arrange musically or transform, or dramatize, cinematize, or otherwise adapt his work.

**Japanese copyright laws Article 28
In connection with the exploitation of a derivative work, the author of the original work shall have exclusive rights of the same types as those possessed by the author of the derivative work under the provisions of this Subsection.


  • The work must be original by the designer and should not be published domestically or internationally.
  • The designer is responsible for having all needed permissions to submit the work and is liable for not violating third party’s copyright, trademark, design right or personality rights with his/ her work.
  • The work in NDC must not be submitted to other competitions, and the designer should not publish it without NDC’s agreement during the competition.
  • All the cost of designing and sending the work to NDC will be covered by the designer. All possible damages on postal or digital delivery from the desinger to NDC will be covered by the designer.
  • NDC will take full care of the work, however will not take any responsibility for damages or losses by force majeure.
  • NDC has a right to make decisions on details other than mentioned in the terms of competition. If NDC has altered the terms, the designer has rights to cancel their application. However the cost for application or cancellation will not be covered by NDC.
  • NDC will not accpet to the competitions any works, which are obscene, supporting anti-social forces, violating human rights or reputation of third party. In case NDC finds out those works after the prize announcement, NDC has a right to change the results without covering any damages at designer’s side due to this decision.
  • During the competition, NDC can take contact to the desiner about thier work, especially about product licenses.
  • The work by prize winners might be used in other products than T-shirts or canvas tote bags. Besides the prize, NDC will not pay any extra royalties to the designer.
  • NDC has a right to publish the prize winning works at exhibitions, webpages and other media sources. NDC also has a right to annouce the results on press releases to media sources.
  • On printed materials and webpages, NDC has a right to publish prize winners’ information such as full name, age, working/ studying history.
  • NDC will not use personal information other purposes than the competition. Thus, NDC will use the contact information to announce about future competitions to the designer.


Jury :

1st round  And Graphic Design,Inc.

Hankyu Department Store, Inc.

2nd round                Mr Akira Minagawa (owner and designer of ”minä perhonen”, MINA Co., Ltd.)

* After the 2nd round, the prize winners will be annouced.


Criterias of selection :

  • Midsummer in Scandinavian countries is visible in the work.
  • A concept of ”Scandinavian design” is embodied in the work.

Nominal support by ;

Embassy of Finland, Embassy of Sweden, Embassy of Denmark, Embassy of Norway,BusinessOulu


Organized by ;


And Graphic Design,Inc.


Inquiries to ;

And Graphic Design,Inc.